The Process

  1. Families applying for the Barbados Welcome Stamp Programme are to complete a C5 Form
  2. Once the C5- Family Visa Form is approved by the Immigration Department the child’s passport is stamped with a Student Visa.
  3. The parent/guardian then selects school(s) of choice (public and private schools listed on METVT website)
  4. If a private school is selected parent/guardian contacts the school directly for the registration process
  5. School performs their due diligence (copy of report/transcript etc)
  6. If a public school is selected the parent/guardian completes a School Request Form.
  7. There are 3 different School Request Form dependent on the age of the child. The forms are completed online and when submitted goes directly to the Ministry.
  8. Queries may also be sent to
  9. The METVT will allocate the child dependent on space availability and inform parent/guardian within 5 days
  10. After the child has been accepted at a school the parent/guardian will then complete the School Welcome Visa Registration Form (SWVRF). Forms have been digitized for ease of completion and submission.
  11. The school will get a copy of the form and copies sent to the Immigration Department for their records.
  12. The parent will adhere to the rules of the schools as it relates to other fees.

If applying for public schools the parent/guardian will only complete two forms:

  1. School Request Form
  2. School Welcome Visa Registration Form

Queries may also be sent to