The Examinations Section is responsible for ensuring that valid and reliable evaluation procedures are integrated into the curriculum.  The Department also has the task of designing evaluation modules, analysing exam results and making recommendations for adjustments or replacements for current systems of evaluation.

The training of teachers in administering valid and reliable assessment modules is a vital function of the Section in light of ongoing dynamic curriculum reforms.  The proposal for implementing continuous assessment at the primary level clearly indicates the vital role which the Section plays in designing and developing new and improved assessment modules.

On a day-to-day basis the Examinations Section focuses heavily on the administrative tasks involved in providing the public with the services of registration and certification.

The Examinations section is headed by a Senior Education Officer who is responsible for the overall supervision of the section. 

The mission of the Section is focused on:

  • ensuring that examinations are administered under safe, standardised and secure conditions; so that results can be used to make sound and informed decisions;
  • promoting the development of good teacher assessment skills; and
  • developing examinations in response to stated curriculum objectives.

The Examinations section has responsibility for the:

  • administration of local, regional and international examinations which fall under the auspices of the Government of Barbados;
  • evaluation of the progress of primary and secondary school students;
  • issuing of certified statements of exam results to members of the public upon request; and
  • development of testing and assessment modules as an integral part of the on-going curriculum reform.