Public Primary Schools in Barbados

School nameSchool AddressParishSchool Email AddressPrincipal
A Dacosta Edwards Belleplaine St. Andrew Mrs. Laureen Hinds
All Saints' Primary Pleasant Hall St. Peter Mr. Keith Headley
Arthur Smith Primary St. Matthias Christ Church Mrs. Jenifer Hoyte
Bay Primary School Bay Gardens, Bayville St. Michael Ms. Heather Parris
Bayley's Primary Merricks St. Philip Mr. Alfred Cox
Belmont Primary Belle Gully St. Michael Ms. Pamela Ifill
Blackman/Gollop Primary Edgerton, Staple Grove Christ Church Ms. Petrona Holder 
Charles F Broome Government Hill St. Michael Dr. Monica Walton
Christ Church Girls Water Street Christ Church Ms. Orlaine Benn 
Cuthbert Moore Primary St. Helens St. George Mrs. Milinese Alleyne
Deacons Primary Bird's River Gap, Deacon's Road St. Michael Ms. Sylvia Atherley
Eagle Hall Primary Bridge Gap, Black Rock St. Michael Mrs. Cleopatra Archer     
Eden Lodge Eden Lodge  St. Michael Mrs. Octlyn Straker 
Ellerton Primary Ellerton  St. George Mr. Andrew Haynes
Elliot Belgrave Gays St. Peter Mrs. Norma Worrell                                                       
Good Shepherd Primary Fitts Village St. James Ms. Wilma McClean  
Gordon Greenidge Primary Upper Rock Dundo St. James Dr. Angela Smith
Gordon Walters Bright Hill, St. Patricks Christ Church Mrs Gretchen Bailey-Jones
Grantley Prescod Memorial St. Barnabas St. Michael Mrs. Belinda Martindale
Grazettes Primary Grazettes  St. Michael Mrs. Andrea Baptiste
Half Moon Fort Half Moon Fort St. Lucy Mrs. Barbara Brome-Bailey
Hilda Skeene Primary Ruby St. Philip Mr. Ivan Clarke 
Hillaby Turner's Hall  Farmers St. Thomas Mrs. Paula Toppin
Hindsbury Primary Hindsbury Road St. Michael Ms. Jennifer Jordan 
Holy Innocents' Primary Welchman Hall St. Thomas Jacqueline Brome
Ignatius Byer Primary Lowlands St. Lucy Mrs. Linda Graham 
Lawrence T Gay "Woodstock", Spooners Hill St. Michael Ms. Jacinta Alexander
Luther Thorne Memorial Wildey St. Michael Ms. Maria Benn
Milton Lynch primary Water Street Christ Church Mr. Tyrone Marshall
Mount Tabor Primary School Mount Tabor  St. John Mr. Trevor Waldron
New Horizon Academy Pine Road St. Michael Mrs. Colleen Gilkes-Collymore
Reynold Weekes Primary School Four Roads St. Philip Mr. Anderson Bishop 
Roland Edwards Primary Battaleys St. Peter Mr. George Francis
Selah Primary School Content St. Lucy Mrs. Maxine Husbands 
Sharon Primary Sharon St. Thomas Mrs. Pamela Small-Williams
St. Albans Primary Weston St. James Ms. Wendine Prince
St. Ambrose Primary Cypress Street St. Michael Mrs. Jean Trotman 
St. Bartholomew Primary Parish Land Christ Church Mrs  Hyacinth Harris
St. Bernard's Primary Lammings St. Joseph Mr. Marlon Wilson
St. Catherine's Primary  Clarkes Hill St. Philip Mr. Carlton Reid 
St. Christopher Primary St. Christopher Christ Church Mrs. Rosalind Goodridge
St. Elizabeth Primary St. Elizabeth St. Joseph Mr John Quinton
St. George Primary Constant St. George Mrs. Deborah Waithe-Jones
St. Giles Primary The Ivy St. Michael Dr. Sandra Anderson
St. James Primary  Trents St. James Ms Mary Archer
St. John's Primary Glebe Land St. John Ms. Margaret Grant
St. Joseph Primary Horse Hill St. Joseph Mr. Everton Briggs
St. Jude's Primary St. Judes  St. George Ms. Sandra Fields
St. Lawrence Primary St. Lawrence  Christ Church Ms. Andrea Cheltenham 
St. Lucy's Primary  Trents St. Lucy Mr. Charles Hinds
St. Lukes/Brighton Primary Brighton  St. George Mrs. Beverley Piggott 
St. Margaret's Primary School  Newcastle St. John Mrs. Glendene Hayde
St. Marks Primary Blades Hill St. Philip Mr. Wayne Bryan
St. Martins Mangrove  St. Martins St. Philip Mrs. Erica Holder
St. Mary's Primary  Mason Hall Street St. Michael Ms. Linda Archer 
St. Matthew's Primary Jackmans St. Michael Mrs. Veronica Best 
St. Paul Primary Brittons Cross Road St. Michael Mrs. Sandra Small-Thompson
St. Philip Primary Church Village St. Philip Mrs. Pamaletta Bhamjee
St. Silas Primary Orange Hill St. James Ms. Sharon Sealy
St. Stephen's Primary Goddard Road, St. Stephens Hill, Black Rock St. Michael Dr. Colin Cumberbatch
The Ann Hill School  Pine Plantation Road St. Michael Mrs. Emelda Bell 
The Irving Wilson School The Pine St. Michael Ms. Armed Alleyne
Vauxhall Primary Vauxhall  Christ Church Ms Donna Franklin
Welches Primary Redman's Village St. Thomas Mr. Greig Walters 
Wesley Hall Infants King Street St. Michael Mrs. Katrina Wooding-Small
Wesley Hall Junior King Street St. Michael Mr. Herbert Gittens
West Terrace West Terrace  St. James Ms. Ometa Hinds
Westbury Primary Westbury Road St. Michael Ms. Rosalind Gittens
Wilkie Cumberbatch Lascelles Terrace, Pinelands St. Michael Ms. Jennifer Phillips
Workman's Primary Workmans  St. George Mrs. Sandra Downes