Mission & Goals


To be the principal agent and model of educational change, transformation and leadership grounded in world-class standards 


To create a modernised, high quality and relevant educational system that fulfils the diverse needs of all learners and educators, wider industry and societal stakeholders' demands and interests, and national development goals 


Strategic Goals

Strategic Goal 1

Emphasises the need to strengthen and enhancestudent achievement levels and performance outcomes across the system through the totalrestructuring of traditional structures, systems, and related processes (e.g. revamping existing school structures, national curricula review and revision, replacing antiquated assessment modelsand approaches, and enhancing academic and nonacademic support services, among otherreforms). 

Strategic Goal 2

Expresses the Ministry’s overarching commitment and accompanying

plans to:

  1. adopt, promote and deploy best practice standards to assist in developing and professionalising all categories of teachers and school leaders in the system;
  2. develop, strengthen and improve various oversight, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and systems for the teaching community and their school leaders;
  3. strengthen and modernise training, certification and performance management systems for teachers and school leaders; and
  4. fully equip teachers and school leaders with the necessary skills, abilities, personal attributes and resources to function effectively and efficiently under the newly transformed educational system. 

Strategic Goal 3

Focuses on the replacement, restoration and modernisation of existing and poorly functioning physical and technological infrastructures within the Ministry and across the wider system as well as improving the availability, access and quality of various technological, ICTrelated, and digital systems, resources, products and services, and training for all relevant consumers and stakeholders in the wider sector. 

Strategic Goal 4

Challenges the Ministry to re-examine, restructure, strengthen and modernise its internal governance systems, organisational structures, internal and external stakeholder relationships, operational processes, and supporting administrative machinery as a means of bolstering its institutional capacities, resources, and profile for leading and supporting the wider transformational efforts inherent in the Plan. 

Strategic Goal 5

Recognises and underscores the need for wider regulatory reforms to antiquated legislation and associated policies/regulations governing education in order to remove existing barriers and obstacles to educational change and transformation. Overall, this final Strategic Goal aims to create and sustain an enabling environment in which the proposed implementation activities and resultant changes can smoothly occur and take effect to the full advantage of all stakeholders in the system.