Objectives of the Ministry are:

  • to continue to provide a sound basic education at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels which would equip students with the ability to recognise and realise their potential for development;
  • To ensure equity in the delivery of education, taking the special needs of students into account;
  • to continue the enhancement of the teaching and learning process, through the integration of information and communication technologies under the Education Sector Enhancement Programme;
  • to provide intensive HIV/AIDS education in schools and training institutions to sensitise youth and communities to HIV/AIDS and to foster preventative measures;
  • to establish the University College of Barbados to fully meet existing and future training needs, broaden the scope of educational opportunities, and offer training in areas not previously given recognition;
  • to provide, through the Student Revolving Loan Fund expanded access to funding for young persons who cannot otherwise afford a tertiary education;
  • to increase access to early childhood education from 80% to 100%;
  • to increase access to tertiary level education from the current 28% to 35%;
  • to develop a workforce that is equipped to adapt to a rapidly-changing environment and that is readily re-trainable;
  • to foster a greater partnership between the school, the home and the community;
  • to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry to plan, manage and evaluate the education system more effectively; and
  • to make the Ministry more responsive to the needs of its various publics.