Primary Mental Maths Competition


The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation will be launching the inaugural Primary Mental Maths Competition (PMMC) for Class 4 students during the period September to October, 2017. This initiative aims to provide an opportunity and a platform for young students to showcase their proficiency in Mental Maths skills.
PMMC will test students’ ability to solve both mechanical and simple worded problems. Preparation and participation in this competition should improve students’ ability to reason quantitatively and develop aptitudes such as memory, concentration, creativity and problem solving.


The ability to do Mental Maths is a necessary skill needed for personal, social and professional purposes. If students are going to function efficiently as adults, then they need to be taught this important life skill and be given opportunities to apply their knowledge. Mental Maths awareness at the primary level will lay a firm foundation for students’ future development.
Some benefits to be derived from participation in PMMC include:

  1. Stimulating interest for Mental Maths among young students
  2. Developing a competitive attitude among students and fostering a healthy competitive environment for students to do Mental Maths
  3. Improving students’ concentration levels and listening skills
  4. Growing the brain by increasing the neurons network
  5. Improving students’ speed and accuracy when they solve Mathematics problems mentally.

Content Areas:

Questions will be asked from the Number Concepts, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Measurement areas in the Class 3 Mathematics syllabus.


A school team must comprise three to five Class 4 students.


Preliminaries: Begin 26th September, 2017.
Quarter Finals: 5th October, 2017.
Semifinals: 19th October, 2017.
Finals: 31st October, 2017.


Forms are available on the Ministry of Education website (

Deadline Date:

7th September, 2017
Completed forms should be emailed to Wendy Griffith, Education Officer (Mathematics) at


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